Is New Monasticism in the Bible?

The first Christians were called 'followers of the Way’ because of a particular way of life they lived. New monasticism is rediscovering the Way for believers in the 21st century to walk in.

This talk explores examples of monastic communities throughout the Bible from the Old Testament to Paul’s encouragement in the New Testament to the new disciples of Christ, calling them to live by a way of life.

Monasteries are where people willingly go to abide by rules and authority. They are the communities of intention made up of those have taken certain vows and have accepted a certain lifestyle.
Monasticism is not so much about people wanting to live solely (monos) for God, but doing so with a communal accountability based upon a commitment to a shared rule or way of life.
In essence, monastic life is what everyone is called to live - it is universal. There is a universal monk in each of us, that we can aspire to and work towards acquiring. Monasticism was not for the few but for the many … in fact for everyone.
— Ray Simpson

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