Is it Prophet-able?

The play on words in the title suggests whether our approach to prophetic ministry is profitable; meaning does it resemble God’s nature?

There are two distinct prophetic ministries at the beginning of the New Testament: the ministries of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. The first will lose his head, and the second will become the Head of all. Why?

John could not reconcile his own legalistic, Levitical priesthood, 613 commandment-based life-style in comparison to Jesus. Consider: John fasted like the Pharisees (Luke 5:33), Jesus and His disciples did not. He abstained from wine and strong drink (Luke 1:15). Jesus and His disciples did not. John preached from a Law based paradigm, which focused on sin and God’s judgement. Jesus preached a grace-based message of invitation to ALL.

The difference between these two approaches to the prophetic ministry is that one sees the sin and limitations of the individual (John’s prophetic ministry) whilst the other sees the person made in the image & likeness of God and the potential of the individual reflecting the nature of God.

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