On Sundays we meet at the Kalos Centre as a whole family. Anyone is welcome to join in our Sunday gatherings. Come for some of it, come for all of it, we'd love to see you. 

Here’s what a Sunday looks like...


Eating & Chatting

Every week we gather at 11am to fellowship over a good cup of tea (nine times out of ten) and some food. This is a great chance to find out what people think about who left the X Factor the night before and whether they are more a fan of a rich tea or a digestive. We do catch up on the serious stuff too.



At around 11.20am we kick off with some Scripture and creative worship, which includes singing, sometimes some dancing and banner waving, art and any other way people find to express their love for God. We might also pray together for issues happening in the world and actively encourage people to be involved.


We'll look at some of the Bible altogether and break down into small groups to chew over some hopefully thought provoking questions. If you're thinking this is the part to have a nap or reply to some emails think again! These sessions are very interactive and everyone gets involved. Take a look at some of our recent sessions.

During this time we'll also facilitate creative and engaging activities for children aged 3-10, along with a separate youth discussion for those aged 11-18.



If you're wanting a bit of extra prayer for something in particular stick around at the end and let us know. It might be for something physical or emotional, or just something you're a bit worried about - it doesn't matter because we think God gets it.