While we’re based in Balham, our family connects with places beyond London. Some of our money goes to these places and some of our people go there too. What we do beyond Balham is constantly changing - here are some of the places and people we have recently been involved with. 


Soul Survivor

Our young people have enjoyed going to Soul Survivor festival for several years, meeting with thousands of others their age from across the country to worship together and learn what it means to live like Jesus in the 21st century. The festival takes place in Stafford, Peterborough and Kinross, where young people slum it for a week while camping.



We have taken several teams to work with HOPE India for many years. The work of the charity has mainly been in the state of Andhra Pradesh, offering food, clothes and schooling  to orphaned children, helping women freed from prostitution to start a new life, offering medication to people living in remote villages and digging bore wells for clean drinking water.



For many years we have supported the Skirton family who started a work in Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe, 20 years ago. Their work has involved offering training, relief and development; helping people to start their own micro businesses; and equipping local people for world missions. 



We have supported the work of tC Egypt by focussing on training and developing the leaders of the many projects and ministries they network with in Cairo and elsewhere in the country