One of the images the Bible uses for the church family is a human body made up of different parts, each with its own unique contribution.

Over the years we have been enriched with leaders who carry different areas of responsibility. Although we don't belong to any particular denomination, we've had many conversations about how best to structure our leadership team. Because we are a tight-knit community almost everyone holds some area of responsibility – from welcoming people on a Sunday to running the children’s work. We believe people develop best through being given real responsibilities

Here are some of our leaders talking about who they are and what they do.

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Sue Figueiredo

My name is Sue and I am one of the leaders at Balham Community Church.

I see my primary role to inspire and encourage people on their spiritual journey by sharing my faith, life experiences and offering wisdom to aide people in their development

It’s a privilege to have this role and my commitment is to always be growing in my understanding of God and my relationship with God so as to lead from an authentic place.

When I’m not leading in the church context, I enjoy walking in central London by the river or out in the countryside, watching a good film and eating out with family or friends. I love the theatre and music and tackling nice, big jigsaw puzzles!


Des Figueiredo

Hi. I’m Des, one of the pastors at BCC. It’s been a real privilege to have led this community for the past twenty-five years. Besides teaching and preaching, my responsibilities in the church community are many and varied, from planning for meetings and events, to training and developing leaders, as well as being involved in the on going pastoral work that happens each week.

In recent years I have particularly enjoyed engaging with people outside the church community, and have been involved in preparing couples for marriage, counselling couples who live together, as well as developing leaders in other countries who are involved in Christian ministry.

I have been married to Sue for over thirty years and we have three children grown up children – Rehema, Joseph and Eben. I love travelling and keeping active. I particularly enjoy walking in the countryside. My commitment in this stage of my life is to try to live life at three miles per hour … the average walking pace for most people!


Rose Potter

Hello, I’m Rose and not only am I one of the leaders at BCC, but I'm also employed by the church. I have the grand title of 'Kalos Centre Manager' which basically means I oversee everything from the finances to mice control. It is like running a huge family home, with all the same joys and challenges that may arise, and one of the things that I enjoy is that no day is ever the same.

My primary role is to support the leaders in all the day to day aspects of church life, and to connect with the local community. One of the things that motivates me to be part of the leadership team is that I love to be at the heart of things, and oversee how all our different ministry areas connect and compliment one another.

Given the choice, I would always rather be outdoors. I love the beauty and marvel of God's created world, the changing seasons and colours. When not at work I enjoy walking and exploring different places, I always want to know what is round the next corner or up a flight of stairs. There is always something or somewhere new to discover.